Zero Calorie Sauces

The sauces are the complement par excellence in our diet. Little by little, but with a firm step, the number of variants that exist in the market has been growing. Far away are the times when ketchup and mayonnaise were the only condiments that occupied the pantry; And is that nowadays you can buy sauces with flavors of all kinds, each one made to match perfectly with a category of dish in particular. A good example is Servivita.

The commercial establishments have shelves dedicated exclusively to these products, whose company already seems an obligation in many recipes, no matter if they are sweet or salty. Breakfasts, lunches, snacks or dinners, nothing gets rid of that extra flavor to which we have become accustomed over the years.

0 calorie sauces as a solution

In this context, companies dedicated to the world of sport nutrition, mainly, realized that every day more people are targeting the elimination of harmful foods from their diet. At first it was an almost exclusive trend of those athletes who wanted to improve their performance, but today has spread to all households.

Thus, zero-calorie sauces of different brands have been appearing; First, covering the most basic necessities (ketchup, mayonnaise or chocolate syrup) and, later, reaching flavors and innovations that few imagined. Nowadays, thanks to the facilities of the online marketing, you can buy from your home a honey and mustard sauce with all the original flavor in which there is no trace of added sugar, saturated fats or excess calories.

No more monotony in diet food. Your salads, main courses and desserts may have that extra flavor that you often miss when you are taking a healthy nutrition regimen.

Calories free sauces are one of the most brilliant examples of all the innovations that are emerging in the world of culinary products, with a special concern for eliminating the elements that can cause problems for the organism. Little by little, our everyday habits are improving.

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The importance of healthy sauce manufacturers

Sauces are one of the most used complements in our alimentation routines. The number of different options available in every single supermarket have increased significantly in the past few years. Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard used to be the only choice but, nowadays, the list has grown until turning into a whole world of possibilities. Sweet or salty, soft or spicy, you can find whatever you are looking for.

However, all these benefits in terms of variety are not that positive when it comes to health matters. Added sugar, calories, saturated fat, colourants and many additives more, form a combination of ingredients that could mean some kind of damage to the organism. In fact, sauces are one of the first things that become forbidden when a professional nutritionist design a healthy or sports diet.

There are more and more scientific studies trying to explain people what are the bad nutritional habits that are taking possession of our daily life. We have changed our alimentation routines, adapting them to a style of life which leaves no time to stop and dedicate a whole morning preparing a home-made meal. And that’s so bad for us.

In most of the cases, we are introducing the pre-cooked, packaged and frozen food as a solution for this lack of time. This kind of food has undeniable benefits in respect to usefulness, like the immediacy or the easiness which provides. Actually, it’s a perfect innovation that may solve many situations of stress, because allowing you to get rid of any sort of worry about how to create time from nowhere for cooking your meal. But the problem is that we are just paying attention to these helpful facets, ignoring all the rest.

Zero calories sauce manufacturers: enjoy eating in a healthy way

The process which provides food with all the advantages mentioned in the lines above is not a win-win. There is no eating product able to keep all these natural properties after passing through the mass production techniques. That is, if we want to improve superficial factors like utility, easiness or price, we need to sacrifice the quality level.

This problem exists, practically, in the entire present alimentation industry but sauces are one of the most representative examples. It is required to emphasize that we are going to talk about packing sauces, because home-made ones tend to remove most of the nutritional issues that will be explained in the next lines.

Added sugar is one of the components that are receiving more repudiation with the contemporary concern about alimentation habits. The massive consume of sugar is leading the society into serious health problems like obesity or diabetes, and packing sauces contain a surprising amount of added sugar. For example, a research show that, in average terms, BBQ sauce includes a 30% of sugar. This is not an exception, because ketchup, mustard and the long list of different types have similar ingredients.

Apart from that, sauces has another problem, probably as harmful as the one refers to sugar: the calories. Even though it’s true that sauces, by itself, doesn’t contain an excessive level of calories, there is a point that turns this into a true issue that may mark an excess of weight. We are referring to the fact that sauces are always a food complement, so its calories increase the level of the principal meal on its own. And, normally, we are not aware of this growth.

Added sugars, at the point of view

There are many studies that try to highlight the bad eating habits that are taking over the day to day of the vast majority of people. Stress and haste make the time spent in the kitchen practically non-existent and, therefore, the precooked, packaged, frozen dishes, etc. They form a too-present part of our lives. Obviously, this is an easy and quick solution for punctual occasions, but resorting to these wildcards on a continuous basis is anything but advisable.

No food maintains its natural properties after passing through the processes of chain production in which also add a multitude of external elements that delay their expiration at the cost of making them less healthy. And the sauces case is no exception.

All the negative points that we are going to talk about below referto conventional packaged sauces, those that can be found in any store or supermarket. Because when it comes to products of this type, homemade and with natural ingredients, their benefits tend to stand out much more than the negative consequences they may suppose.

You have to start talking about the added sugars, one of the elements that are most looked at with magnifying glass in recent years. Health problems in which continuous use can be translated have placed them on the point of view of nutritionists and even physicians, and many people are beginning to become aware of it. The packaged sauces have an added sugar content too high, especially if it is all varieties destined to be used as a sweet recipe dressing.

A good example is the chocolate syrup, probably the most used in breakfasts, snacks and desserts. Depending on the brand that is analyzed the level of sugars varies, but in most cases (except, of course, those that are produced “without added sugars”) more than half of its composition is made by sugar, reaching figures as exorbitant as 71%. When it comes to flavors like chocolate or caramel, it becomes less surprising to check these exaggerated amounts of sugar; But when you talk about sauces for savoury dishes, the results are not very different.

Taking as a reference the barbecue sauce, whose traditional origin comes from the United States of America and has been established as one of the preferred in our society, there have been studies in which different brands of this product are compared to obtain a Average estimate. The data amounts to 30 grams of sugar for every 100 milliliters of salsa, in a calculation for which a total of 42 condiments of this type made by different companies have been taken into account. It seems difficult to assume that a flavor so distinctive, strongly associated with the meat, contains that level of sugars, but you can find cases where they graze the 50 grams for every 100 milliliters.

The worst thing is that this pattern is repeated with ketchup, Caesar sauce, mustard and a long etcetera.

Adds flavor and excess calories

Before dealing with the issue of the amount of calories that the packaged sauces provide to our diet, we must make clear something that, although it seems obvious, should not lose sight: we are talking about a nutritional supplement, ie, sauces are never taken alone.  You will be thinking that it is totally unnecessary to make that clarification, but it is essential to keep in mind when analyzing the caloric problems that these products pose.

The amount of calories that sauces have would not be too worrying for itself, but when it is added to a recipe in which the main food is, for example, veal, the drawbacks begin to emerge.

The most obvious is simply that the caloric intake is triggered and can reach figures not recommended by health and nutrition professionals. However, the most dangerous factor is that, on many occasions, when it is a condiment that we think only adds some flavor, we do not consider it. In this way, you are eating extra calories without being too aware of it.